Sustainable and Environmentally
Friendly Lawn Care

Much of the effort that goes into typical lawn care is done in a way that degrades the quality of the soil over time, and pollutes water.  Even worse, the improper use of fertilizers and pesticides weakens the grass, making the repeated use of these products more necessary.  We can help you break this cycle by focusing on positive changes to your lawn.  We can help you implement a program that begins with proper soil testing and planting, the proper use of organic fertilizers in the correct amounts, and we can teach you cutting and watering techniques that will help your lawn develop into a strong, healthy lawn that is naturally resistant to weeds and pests.

Our Recommendations Include:

Restore your soil back to it's original health:
Most of the lawns we visit for the first time show damage from years of over-fertilizing.  We can get you started in a program that allows the build-up of chemicals the time they need to leach out, all the while being replaced by natural, organic matter that we will be gradually adding in.  This in turn,  permits beneficial insects to return to the landscape, and enables a smooth transition into an organic approach.

We teach our clients that watering too often and too little is worse than not watering at all. Shallow watering leads to shallow roots, root rot, insect infestations, and ultimately plant stress and death.  Instead we encourage the practice of deep watering.  Deep watering involves watering for longer amounts of time, but much less frequently.  Did you know healthy turf grass can develop roots 17 feet into the soil?  By watering conservatively you can encourage deep rooting, which decreases your water bill and promotes healthy grass, more naturally resistant to pests, weeds, and drought,- all at the same time!


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