We provide a range of landscape maintenance services tailored to your specific needs. These can include:

Fertilization of trees and shrubs:

  • Spring application of a balanced organic fertilizer will be applied to all specified shrubs and trees.

  • A similar fall application will be made.

Weed Control of shrub and tree beds:

  • Spring application of a post-emergence and pre-emergence weed control will be made.

  • A similar fall application will be made.

  • Hand weeding.

Insect control for small trees and ornamentals:

  • Integrated Pest Management Program will be implemented to control economic damage to small trees and ornamentals.

  • Only environmental non-toxic formulations will be utilized.

Periodic Policing:

  • Yard waste and debris will be picked up on periodic maintenance visits.

  • Large debris and special requests will be hauled off with a charge for landfill fees.


  • Leaf mulch will be replace once yearly.

  • Naturalized areas can be pinestrawed.

Turf Care:

  • Mow grass weekly or as often as necessary (not to exceed 34 times a year).

  • Edge along walks, drive, curbs, and bedding areas.

  • Trenching once yearly all beds.

  • Leaf removal.

Interior Plants:

  • Care of interior plants w/ routine watering and fertilizing.

  • Treatment of insect infestations.

  • Repotting if necessary.


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